The Spirit of Saint-Paul de Vence!

The Swiss IT Leadership Forum is an association of leading executives from the Swiss ICT industry. The association’s main activity consists in organizing an annual convention for senior IT executives from medium and large-sized enterprises with a significant IT infrastructure or from public institutions.

The 23rd annual convention will take place from June 23th - 26th, 2019 in the medieval town of Saint-Paul de Vence just a short distance from Nice on the French Riviera.

Besides presentations of relevant reports from the sectors of science, the economy and politics, the emphasis of the three-day event is on communicating hands-on experience and trends in strategic positioning and the organization of ICT functions. The forum provides an inspiring framework that gives senior managers the occasion for in-depth exchanges, something they rarely have the opportunity to do in their everyday work environments. The resulting network which is also cultivated during the year has in the past frequently contributed valuable impetus on resolving important issues.

Unterschrift Andy Fitze

Andy Fitze,